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Are you concerned about the cost of rehab?

Depending on your insurance coverage, Practical Recovery is typically an out-of-network provider. You pay for our services when you receive them (“at the time of service”). We electronically bill insurance. You wait for reimbursement from your insurer.

We want our outpatient rehab services to be financially within reach of those wanting our approach. As we have seen, our kind of client can be harmed by a traditional provider.

The initial evaluation and change plan session, $200, is usually conducted by Dr. Horvath or Dr. Camlin. In many instances this one session is enough to launch you into successful change. We will recommend activities and homework you can continue long after that initial visit. Afterward you are eligible for a free weekly group and free online services. We may have several free, brief follow-up calls with you. There are dozens of free SMART Recovery meetings each week throughout San Diego.

Maintaining and expanding the SMART Recovery San Diego organization has been Dr. Horvath’s labor of love since 1990. He has structured Practical Recovery and developed SMART Recovery so that these basic components of a successful change plan are available to anyone at minimal cost.

You might also have regular but less than weekly individual sessions. One session per month might cost no more than your monthly co-pay at a traditional provider. Would you prefer to have one helpful session per month, or several unhelpful or even harmful ones? Follow-up sessions are typically $200 also, but range from $160 to $300 depending on the provider (psychiatry services are on a separate fee schedule). Initial and follow-up sessions last approximately 50 minutes. Other session lengths are available, at proportional fees.

What we provide is unique in San Diego. We have only a handful of colleague facilities throughout the country (however, our IIOP, which is our alternative to inpatient care, appears to be unique in the nation). Because we are unique, we want to make our services widely available, while still being able to advance our expertise, support SMART Recovery, and promote positive change in the US addiction treatment industry (an industry much in need of updating).

Call us to find out how we can create a plan that works within your budget.