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Practical Recovery offers safe and comfortable drug and alcohol detox services in San Diego.

If you are in need of drug or alcohol detox services in San Diego, it is important to know that you have options. While more severe detox situations will require hospitalization, most individuals are able to successfully detox in a residential treatment setting.

If you and your doctor decide you are a candidate for detox in a residential treatment setting, we can help. While you could also detox at home, you’ll find many benefits if you choose to begin your recovery with us.

What is Drug and Alcohol Detox?

drug alcohol detoxDetoxification, or “detox,” is medically supervised withdrawal. Withdrawal is the process the body goes through when long-term heavy use of a drug or alcohol is abruptly reduced or stopped. When the body stops getting an addictive substance that it has been accustomed to receiving, it can be uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous. Under the supervision of a physician – usually with the assistance of medications – discomfort can be minimized and harm prevented. Practical Recovery’s non-hospital detox option allows for safe, comfortable detox in an upscale, quiet setting.

Withdrawal symptoms vary from person to person, and according to the kind of substance involved – alcohol and other drugs classified as central nervous system (CNS) depressants (including benzodiazepines and barbiturates) can lead to the most substantial and dangerous withdrawal symptoms. During unsupervised withdrawal, the individual may experience anxiety, insomnia, sweating and tremors. In severe cases, convulsions and hallucinations can result. Fatalities resulting from unsupervised CNS withdrawal are rare.

Sudden abstinence from opioids (heroin, codeine, oxycontin, etc.) may also cause substantial withdrawal symptoms, but they are less dangerous than CNS withdrawal symptoms. Stimulants (such as cocaine and methamphetamine) cause flu-like withdrawal symptoms that are uncomfortable, but not dangerous. Most other substances (pot, LSD, and PCP) do not cause significant withdrawal symptoms.

What’s the Difference Between Detox and Rehab?

Practical Recovery’s non-hospital drug and alcohol detox plan is the first step in dealing with an addictive substance, wherein we guide and support our clients through the weaning process from their addiction. Outpatient treatment or residential rehab occurs next, in order to address the psychological and social issues that lie at the heart of a person’s addictive behavior. Learning the skills to steer clear of old traps and habits equips our clients to live fulfilling and prosperous lives. Our residential detox and addiction treatment is designed to prevent our clients from returning to substance use and abuse, and to help each person find fulfillment in new ways.

Benefits of Practical Recovery Detox


  • Quiet, non-hospital residence allows you to rest in a calm and peaceful environment
  • Caring staff members ensure your detox experience is as comfortable as possible
  • You can take a break from daily responsibility to focus on detox
  • You may begin your rehab stage of recovery without having to switch facilities


  • Trained staff monitor your detox around the clock to ensure physical safety
  • The on-call physician can address any concerns and adjust medications easily and quickly


  • Social support – other clients in the house understand what you’re going through and can offer support
  • Family support – Detoxing outside the home can reduce the strain placed on the family


  • Secure environment eliminates many relapse triggers and increases chances of a successful detox


  • Diet designed and nutrition provided by executive chef for every stage of your detox

Want to know more? Give us a call and see if our detox services are right for you.