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San Diego’s Premier Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Intensive Outpatient GroundsIOP is one of several levels of care for individuals with substance problems. IOP is more intensive than one or a few hours a week of outpatient services, but less intensive than residential rehab.

At the Practical Recovery IOP, clients collaborate with staff to identify problem areas and develop treatment goals and plans. Our approach enables and empowers our clients to change their behavior, achieve their goals and develop greater self-knowledge. Our primary methods are Motivational Interviewing and Cognitive Behavior Therapy. These approaches help clients identify their genuine reasons for changing, and provide practical and effective tools for doing so.

Our Mission

The mission of Practical Recovery IOP is to serve our community by providing much needed services to those who are experiencing substance problems, and for whom traditional approaches may have been unhelpful. We have much compassion for those who want to change, but are faced with multiple roadblocks to change, including frustration, guilt, and shame. We understand that a whole family (and community) suffers when someone is caught up in self-destructive behavior. We are dedicated to providing a caring and loving environment that will advance the desire to get well, and to promote healing. We are committed to providing the kind of treatment that we would find acceptable for ourselves and for our loved ones.

Issues We Treat

We treat substance use (alcohol, nicotine, prescription and illicit drugs), and the problems that often accompany them (depression, anxiety, excessive worrying, ADHD, eating disorders, PTSD, OCD, etc.), in order to help the individual develop a functional lifestyle.

The Practical Recovery IOP Experience

Our services are very flexible, but the typical IOP program consists of three 45-minute counseling sessions (individual or group) per day, three days a week. Groups are both psycho-educational and process oriented. Couples and family sessions are also available. The free Continuing Care Group is offered once a week for up to one year after discharge. The free Multi-Family Education Group is offered once per week for an entire year after the start of the client’s treatment. The group is open to friends and family members to provide support, promote healthy communication and improve the understanding of recovery.

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